5seventeen Launch

5seventeen will be opening its gallery doors to the public on 5 March 2016. Located in Commonwealth, the gallery will display 10 to 12 curated art pieces from founder Barry Yeow. The opening ceremony is an invitation-only event.

Barry will be speaking on his life, his art, and the significance of the gallery. He will also give a guided tour through the gallery premises. Barry will be available for interviews and questions during a dinner reception.

The opening ceremony will be graced by Ms. Jane Ittogi – partner at ShookLin & Bok and Chairman of the Singapore Art Museum’s Board of Directors.

The gallery’s opening marks a milestone of Barry’s dream (From Syringe to Brush) to support a new life of hope through art. Having overcome over two decades of adversity, Barry has transformed from a persistent criminal to an artist of hope.

Barry’s art has been featured in Yellow Ribbon and has been commissioned by various collectors.

In addition to art, Barry is also active in community outreach through public speaking engagements and personal consultations.

All requests for information should be directed to:


+65 90237739

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