Barry Yeow

From Syringe to Brush

He was sentenced to 10 years and 12 strokes. While in prison this time, he picked up painting and it changed his life.

With his determination and the help of some Samaritans, he completed more than 500 commissions and finally set up his own gallery – 5 Seventeen.

Art Classes

Art can bring healing and therapeutic effects. Barry truly believes that everyone is and can be an artist.
Let Barry guide and bring out the artist in you. Contact Barry today!!



Art Jamming


As an artist, Barry have to create, and through this practice of creating, he discovered that his past actions were not creative, but destructive. Now he no longer wants to destroy but to create.

His commission has been popular locally in Singapore and even in overseas countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Myanmar, Philippines, Turkey & England.

Contact Barry today to adopt his work.

The Starfish Story – One of Barry Yeow’s best piece

One thing is certain, everyone goes through pain.
So I touch on that. I use art and I use colour to help them heal.

Barry Yeow

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Exconvict true colour

- Straits Times

The Flow Of Time

- Nicola Anthony

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